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Civil War Journeys  is an educational website dedicated to research and analysis of the American Civil War. 



Our journey of discovery began with an interest in the American Civil War initiated by Ted Turner's films Gettysburg and Gods and Generals and my mother-in-law, Helen Williams, loaning me books on the war.  This curiosity grew to a fascination with the war and its participants. This led my wife and I to begin our visits to Civil War battlefields. 

During our initial battlefield visits I was struck by the complexity of the battles and started to analyze the battles to better understand the flow and how the events developed. In many cases  the tour guide and stops along the route do not reflect the actual flow of the battle. 

Of particular note was reconciling the various stops on battlefield tours with the actual chronology of the battle.  My years as an adjunct professor and professional trainer led to the development of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for each of the battlefields.  I used this format  to organize battlefield photographs, learn more about the engagements, reconcile the tour stops and battle timelines, and share this information with others.

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Civil War Journeys  provides a venue to share photographs, present explanations to help foster a better understanding of the war and serve as a resource for educators and novice historians.


Primary Sources

Most of the information for the battle summaries is from Civil War Battle Summaries by Campaign by Heritage Preservation Services, battlefield tour information from the National Park Service, and information on the American Civil War from Wikipedia.


Use of Information from the Site

You are welcome to link to the site and/or specific battle pages.  The PowerPoint slides can only be reached from the battlefield web pages. 

You may copy the images if you include the following note and link with each image: "Courtesy of civil-war-journeys.org."

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Information from Other Sources

We have used pictures and information from many sources in building this site.  We have tried to indicate our sources.  To the best of our knowledge we have relied on information in the public domain.  Please let us know if we have inadvertently used your material without appropriate permission.

We welcome your suggestions and contributions to the site. 


Author and Webmaster

Allen Mesch is a semi-retired educator and  historian.



Mr. Mesch has nearly forty years experience in the oil and gas industry with Gulf Oil Corporation, Continental Oil Company, and Sun Exploration and Production Company. From 1980 to 1986, he was Manager of Business Environment Assessment and an Energy Economist for Sun Exploration and Production Company in Dallas.


He has held academic positions as an adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, Southern Methodist University and Texas Woman's University. From 1996 to 2000, he was Director of the Maguire Energy Institute at Southern Methodist University.


Allen is a member of the Civil War Trust. He teaches Civil War classes in the Collin College Continuing Education program.


His wife and traveling companion, Sharlyn, is a retired elementary education teacher.

Allen and Sharlyn have two children and six grandchildren.


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