Spreadsheet of Civil War Battles

As an aid in analyzing the Civil War battles,  we developed a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet listing 383 rated engagements.

The worksheet contains a listing of the major battles of the Civil War as defined by the National Parks Service.

Each battle has the following characteristics:

  1. State in which the battle took place.

  2. NPS Reference

  3. Campaign in which the battle occurred.

  4. Battle classification

  5. Dates when the battle took place.

  6. Year the battle occurred.

  7. Union Commander

  8. Confederate Commander

  9. Indian Commander

  10. Union Casualties

  11. Confederate Casualties

  12. Indian Casualties

  13. Total Casualties

  14. Result of the battle

  15. Visit Status

Please click on the following link to download the spreadsheet: Civil War Battles

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Revised 01/25/2011