Guide to Touring Civil War Battlefields

  1. Read overview of battlefield on this site.
  2. Visit battlefield webpage from link on battlefield page.
    1. Check the operating hours and days the site is open.
    2. Get detailed directions to the site.
    3. See if there are any special events taking place when you plan to visit.
    4. Learn about any programs for children such as the Junior Ranger program sponsored by the National Parks Service.
  3. Begin your tour at the visitor center.
    1. See the orientation video to help you place the site in its historical context.
    2. View exhibits at the center.
    3. Talk with the battlefield staff to learn about any tours and demonstrations  that are available.
    4. Purchase or rent a tour CD to guide you through the battlefield.
    5. Talk with the battlefield staff.  Most are very knowledgeable and are eager to share information about the park.
  4. Tour the battlefield.
    1. Obey all of the battlefield site rules.  See the National Park Service Rules and Regulations for Richmond National Battlefield for typical restrictions. 
    2. Understand when and what happened at each stop along the tour.
    3. Walk the trails to experience the terrain that  the combatants fought on.
  5. Be sure to visit the battlefield cemetery to pay respects to the brave men and women who fought and died there.

Mark Grimsley has prepared a thorough guide called  "How to Read a Civil War Battlefield" including information on organization, officer's responsibilities, tactics, terrain and ranges of weapons.

The following is a partial list of battlefield touring guides. 


Revised 04/21/2014